Kenya: Clearing and Forwarding Experts Root for Tech in Operations

Nairobi — Clearing and forwarding experts are rooting for the adoption of technology in the sector to enhance efficient service delivery.

In a meeting that brought on board representatives from the finance and warehousing sectors, among others, experts agreed on the importance of streamlining the customs process.

“This is an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to share knowledge and explore solutions that address the evolving challenges faced by the clearing and forwarding agents,” said John Waweru, trustee of the Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFFA).

The experts also observed that there is a need to incorporate best practices and industry trends with the goal of ensuring seamless operations in the clearing and forwarding sector using technology.

The digital space is a sector that the clearing and forwarding experts observe as rich ground for their operations, with the delegates at the meeting keen on incorporating its use in their activities.

They also underscored the essence of continuous learning and speedy adaptation to technological advancements, as well as embracing automation tools and data-driven insights, which they say will be critical in optimizing clearing and forwarding operations.

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