Uganda: President Biden Warned Museveni Against Signing Anti-Homosexuality Bill Prior

President of the United States, Joe Biden had initially sent several warnings to President Museveni, asking him not to assent to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023.

According to information obtained by the Nile Post, Museveni’s US counterpart wrote a long letter to Entebbe, warning President Museveni against the dangers and impacts of signing the Bill.

The letter, according to a source that attended a meeting between Museveni and the Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee at State House Entebbe was also the subject of the discussion. Still, members were instead infuriated that Biden wants to determine how Uganda is run.

“People were specifically with Biden’s lack of respect for Uganda as a country and President Museveni as its head, so we chose to overlook his warning letter,” a source intimated.

In the letter, Biden wanted Uganda to concentrate on other issues like human rights protection and the different projects that the US was funding. He warned that signing the Bill would open up gross violations of rights and could bring the programs funded by the American government to a stop.

President Museveni did not personally comment on the letter and there is no proof he sent back a reply, but he went ahead to sign the Bill yesterday.

This is the second time President Museveni is going against the wishes of Biden. The first was his refusal to vote with the United States to force Russia to withdraw from Ukraine.

President Museveni had earlier spoken to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenski in a bid for the latter to win over the former ahead of polls in the UN General Assembly.