Rwanda: Poll – Rwandans Prefer Marriage Partners With Higher Income

A recent poll conducted by the African Peace and Prosperity Institute (APPI), a private think tank based in Kigali, indicates that Rwandans display a relatively strong interest in selecting marriage partners who earn higher incomes than themselves.

Spanning from January to May of this year, the survey aimed to capture public opinions on various family-related matters, offering valuable insights into the preferences of Rwandans when it comes to choosing life partners.

Using simple random sampling techniques, the pollsters administered questionnaires to a diverse sample of 2,000 individuals hailing from all provinces of the country.

Among the respondents, 30.9 percent expressed a desire to marry someone with a higher income, while 31.5 percent stated that their partner’s income was not a significant factor in their decision.

Additionally, 16.5 percent indicated a preference for marrying someone with a similar income level, while 20.8 percent chose not to respond to the question.

Highlighting the scarcity of public opinion polls in Rwanda, Willy Mugenzi, the head of APPI, emphasized the importance of conducting such surveys regularly to inform policymaking.

“Regular polls are essential as public opinions are constantly evolving. By conducting frequent polls, we can gain valuable insights into what people think about certain topics,” Mugenzi remarked.

Mugenzi further urged Rwandan researchers to take the lead in studying local issues, reducing reliance on foreign researchers to understand the nation’s circumstances.