Tanzania: Govt Enhances Covid-19 Control Amidst Increase in Cases

TANZANIA has recorded 64 new cases of the Covid-19, increasing from 45 cases recorded four weeks ago, according to the Ministry for Health data update.

The statistics recorded from 22 April – 26 May this year, represents a 45 per cent increase in new cases during the period in which no disease-related deaths or patient admissions were reported.

The government has continued to enhance the control of Covid-19 in the nation, according to a statement released by the ministry on Tuesday, and it has also kept the public informed about the disease’s trend.

“Among other things, the government has carried on with Covid-19 vaccination services in the country to enable citizens to get total immunity and thereby prevent serious illness and even death when a person is infected with the virus,” the statement reads in part.

As of May 26, this year a total of 32,763,672 people, which is equal to 106.6 per cent of the target population (people aged 18 years and older) had received a full dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

However, this is equal to 55 per cent of 59,851,347 Tanzanians living in mainland. The Ministry states that it is still closely observing the Covid-19 situation in the nation and around the world, in addition to informing the public and implementing new control measures.

It also exhorts anyone experiencing respiratory system disease symptoms, such as fever, flu, cough, body fatigue, joint discomfort, headache, sore throat, or breathing difficulties, to seek medical attention as soon as possible so they can be evaluated and provided the proper care.

The ministry also urges people to get full doses of the Covid-19 vaccination, use masks when they have flu-like symptoms or a cough, and avoid crowded places when possible if they want to protect themselves from Covid-19 and other dangerous diseases.

Other precautions include routine hand washing with soap and running water, strengthening the body through exercise and a healthy diet, developing a habit of visiting medical facilities when feeling unwell, and informing authorities via the toll-free number 199 about the presence of those exhibiting disease symptoms in the neighbourhood.

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