Somalia: Ten Al-Shabaab Fighters Defect, Surrender to Somali Government

Baido — The security forces of the Southwest state of Somalia displayed 10 Al-Shabaab fighters who surrendered in Baidoa, the regional capital of Bay on Monday.

The surrendered militants said they fought for Al-Shabaab for several years and took part high-profile wars and attacks in Somalia, mainly targeted military bases and convoys.

The regional authorities said the defectors have operated in Bay, Bakool, Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle, Hiran and Mudug, where Al-Shabaab is facing the government forces.

The Somali National Army welcomed the surrender of the Al-Shabaab fighters and the government gave amnesty to those who want to defect the militant group.

Speaking to the media following their surprise ditch, the defectors said they made contact with SNA officers before their move that facilitated to gave themselves up peacefully.

“We wanted to live in peace with the rest of the people in Somalia,” said one defector.

In recent months, Al-Shabaab suffered defeats from its war with 3 sides, with US drones killing their militants and commanders as well as losing key towns to the Somali army.

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