Tanzania: Public Challenged On Environmental Protection

THE public has been challenged to join efforts to protect the environment to save the country from challenges brought on by climate change.

The remarks were made in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday in an event where the Indian School-Dar es Salaam (ISD) planted more than 750 fruit trees to fight against climate change and its global effects.

The tree planting was part of this year’s Environmental Day celebrations with the theme ‘Solution to Plastic Pollution’.

Various trees, including mango, jackfruit, cashew, Guava, and Neem trees were planted in various places, counting schools both primary and secondary, executive ward offices, and the orphanage house.

ISD’s Principal, Mr Kunal Kohli said the purpose of the tree planting is to protect the environment from various environmental challenges including climate change, which are affecting the globe, thus urgent efforts are needed to save the environment.

“We have planted various tree saplings to make sure that our environment is protected against climatic changes,” said Mr Kohli.

Despite the tree planting, the school will continue to cooperate with the government authorities and the community to protect nature in the country.

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