Uganda: Mubaje Sacks Mukono Kadhi for Usurping the Powers of District Officials

The Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, has sacked Mukono District Kadhi Sheikh Shazir Lumala and his chairperson Sheikh Abbas Mujjumba for fighting over power.

Mubaje made the move to resolve the long misunderstanding between the two Muslim clerics in a meeting which was held at Collins Hotel in Mukono Municipality. The meeting was attended by the majority of councillors in Mukono Muslim District Council.

The councillors rose up against the Kadhi accusing him of being autocratic and usurping the powers of duly elected officials of Mukono Muslim District, which has led to the stagnation of Muslim activities in the district.

The councillors also accused the Kadhi of refusing to put in place proper management systems and the lack of accountability of finances accruing from animal slaughter(Halal) and improper disposal of lands.

He is also accused of failure to operate in the designated Mukono Muslim district headquarters in Kiyunga and instead opted to operate as the Imam at Atiq Mosque, where he frustrated the work of the Mosque committee.

During the meeting, the majority of councillors contested the election of Abbas Mujjumba as their Chairperson.

As a result, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council(UMSC) Electoral Commission led by the acting Chairperson, Abubakar Were Wandangho chaired a session witnessed by Sheikh Abdallah Ibrahim Ssemambo Tamusuza, the deputy mufti who represented Mubaje.

The meeting resolved to eject Mujjumba and ordered fresh elections. This saw a hot contest between Haruna Semakula, the managing director of Hill Water Bottling company and one Sheikh Muslim Mbogo.