Rwanda: Austrian NGO Builds ECD to Support Single Mothers in Rwanda

Future for Kids in Rwanda, an Austrian development aid association represented by its local NGO of the same name, is dedicated to the welfare of vulnerable children and young people. Last week, they inaugurated an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) to assist single mothers in raising their children while they undergo vocational training in sewing and tailoring.

The NGO has been operating in Rwanda since 2011 with the goal of combating poverty, discrimination, abuse, and promoting education.

The latest project by Future for Kids, the ECD, is situated in the Kinigi sector of the Musanze district in the Northern Province. The NGO already operates a sewing training center for single mothers in the same area.

The ECD has the capacity to accommodate 45 children. Otto Fischer, the Chairman of Future for Kids, highlighted that the project addresses critical issues such as poverty, nutritional needs, lack of skills, discrimination, and abuse. The ECD enables single mothers to concentrate on their training while ensuring the safety and professional care of their children.

“Being a single mother in Rwanda has dire consequences. Many of these young mothers face expulsion from their families due to the shame they bring upon them. Some have lost the support of their families and struggle to provide for themselves and their infants,” he said.

Future for Kids collaborates with Muhisimbi, a local NGO, to assist single mothers in acquiring vocational skills and building a better future for themselves and their children.