Uganda: MTN Urges Customers to Be Vigilant to Avoid Mobile Money Fraud in Beera Steady Campaign

MTN has launched an awareness campaign to educate customers about best practices to avoid potential scams in response to the growing number of fraud cases.

Scammers primarily employ fraudulent schemes to deceive customers, with phone calls impersonating UCC or MTN and threatening to disconnect their services.

Additionally, scammers send clear messages, seemingly from known contacts, requesting urgent money transfers to designated accounts.

Some fraudsters utilise the internet to initiate these fraudulent communications.

It is crucial to note that strict SIM card registration guidelines make it impossible for an unregistered SIM card to function correctly.

If you can make and receive calls, it indicates that your SIM card is fully registered.

MTN emphasises that it solely contacts customers through the designated number 0312120000. Customers should be cautious of any other purported communication claiming to be from MTN or UCC.

Remaining vigilant is of utmost importance for customers. UCC serves as MTN’s regulator, and it is essential to understand that neither MTN nor UCC will contact customers to switch off their lines.

By exercising caution and staying informed, customers can protect themselves from scams.

As mobile money services have grown in popularity, the appetite and tactics of fraudsters have also evolved. Consequently, the same level of caution that may have sufficed in the past is no longer adequate.

Customers must recognise that their PIN is not just a random number but the gateway to their funds. It is crucial to protect this PIN at all costs, refraining from saving it on mobile devices or sharing it even with trusted individuals, such as spouses.

Moses Lukanga, Customer Experience Officer at MTN, emphasises the importance of customers’ active participation in safeguarding their mobile money accounts. The company urges customers to remain vigilant, adhere to the security measures outlined, and protect their PIN as if it were a matter of life and death.

By fostering financial literacy, raising awareness, and encouraging responsible digital money management, MTN aims to empower its customers to protect themselves against mobile money fraud and ensure a secure and trustworthy mobile money ecosystem.

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