Kenya Bureau of Statistics to Test Maize From Tanzania Amid Aflatoxin Concerns

Nairobi — The Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBs) has stepped up aflatoxin tests on Tanzanian maize amid concerns.

KEBS said delays in the clearance of maize consignments at the border have led to a few trucks overstaying at the post, increasing the risk of aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin is a toxin produced by a fungus found in maize or other agricultural products such as peanuts, with deadly consequences for humans such as vomiting, abdominal pain, and liver injuries, among others.

“Arising from the long-standing delay in the clearance of maize consignments from the United Republic of Tanzania, as reported in the media, the Kenya Bureau of Standards makes the following communication,” KEBS said in a statement.

“That we received reports that some trucks of maize have been waiting for authorization permits to move their maize consignments across the border into Kenya for an unknown period of time.”

As a result, the body will ramp up tests to ensure that the commodities are aflatoxin-free.

“It is therefore advised that KEBS shall screen all the maize coming into the country for aflatoxin contamination,” it added.

“We have deployed enough personnel and kits for this purpose. However, this is a scientific procedure and results for each consignment will take about 2 hours upon receipt of import documentation and sampling.”

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