Kenya: Messi Can Be Born Here in Kenya and Nobody Will Find Him – Firat Berates Kenya’s Scouring System

Nairobi — Harambee Stars head coach Engin Firat has berated Kenya’s scouting system, saying it needs a major improvement if the country is to make strides in international football.

The tactician believes there is talent dotted all over the country, but the greatest stumbling block is the mechanism to identify and nurture this talent.

“Messi can be born here in Kenya and nobody will find him or tomorrow, he can be directly in front of us so it’s all about luck. I really don’t know the real potential we have because there is no limit,” Firat said.

He added; “In Kenya, the problem is there is no scouting. I don’t know who I will find tomorrow. In other countries from the U16, there is an overview about all talents and everything. But here you don’t have. For example now Moses (Shummah), two months ago nobody knew about him.”

The tactician says there needs to be a more elaborate scouting system especially from the grassroots and outside the capital to ensure the net is cast wider and the real potential of the country can be seen.

He was speaking as Stars held their final training session before travelling to Mauritius, where they will take part in a four-nation tournament. However, due to their late arrival, they will only play two matches; against Pakistan on Wednesday and the hosts on Sunday.

In his squad, he has included several rookies including Homeboyz striker Shummah, Nzoia Sugar’s Joseph Mwangi and Kariobangi Sharks defender Kevin Luke Otiala.