Kenya: Azimio Wants CJ Koome to Review Order Barring Removal of Sabina Chege as Deputy Minority Whip

Nairobi — In a letterpenned by Raila Odinga’s counsel Paul Mwangi, they cited non-inclusion and jurisdiction violation in the order National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula cited while retaining Chege in the coveted slot.

The conservatory order was sought by the Association of Friends of Youth and Women which had filed a case in Kiambu High Court.

The Opposition Coalition raised issues with the move arguing that the violations were done in the National Assembly which is domained in Nairobi.

“Every case shall be instituted in the High Court within whose jurisdiction the alleged violation took place,” the letter reads.

“In any event the petitioner is closer to the High Court in Nairobi than that of Kiambu despite the fact that Nairobi High Court was not only the right place but it was actually closer,” he adds.

The Azimio Coalition cited non-inclusion in the petition filed when in essence it’s the decision to remove Chege emanated from the coalition parliamentary group meeting.

The embattled Minority Whip was also not included in the petition with Azimio Coalition saying it was aimed at circumventing the Political Parties Act which oust the jurisdiction of the High Court in party matters until internal matters are exhausted.

“One would want to believe it’s an oversight on the part of the court but the matter of dewhipping of Sabina Chege is today an issue of considerable public notoriety and it is very unlikely that any reasonably informed person would be unaware of it,” the letter read.