Kenya: I Am Not in ICU, Museveni Tells ‘Nosy’ Kenyans

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who is currently in isolation after contracting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has told off Kenyans over claims that he is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

While providing an update over his health situation, Museveni told Kenyans that he has nothing to “hide” noting that his health has improved significantly in recent days.

Museveni clarified that apart from experiencing a mild flu-like fever during the first two days, he only had some drowsiness on Thursday, a mild headache at night, and a rough throat.

By Friday, all these symptoms had subsided, according to Museveni.

Instead of speculating over his health, Museveni asked Kenyans and Ugandans to pray for his complete recovery.

“I also noticed some few individuals from, I think, Kenya, saying that I was in ICU etc. If I was in ICU, the government would inform the country. What is there to hide?” President Museveni said.

“However, I have not been to bed as a sick man in the house here except for sleeping, let alone being in a hospital bed, whether ICU or otherwise. Continue praying, we shall overcome.”

He went on to explain that for the last three days from Sunday he “has been busy working.”

Museveni stated that he “would have gone out of self – confinement but when we checked on Sunday, I was still positive, but the other parameters were good.”

He thanked Ugandans for their prayers and support as he continues to recover.

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