Kenya: President Ruto Urges All Arms of Govt to Work Together for Better Governance

Nairobi — President William Ruto has called on all the arms of government and institutions to work together for better governance.

Speaking on Wednesday during the swearing in of the new Director General of National Intelligent Service (NIS) Noordin Haji in Statehouse, President Ruto said that the greatest thing for institutions to do is to collaborate and improve them rather than personalizing to better serve Kenyans.

“I call upon all arms of government, all sectors and all agencies to work together for the better governance of the country,” he said.

“We must depersonalize, depoliticize our decisions so that they are better tuned to making sure that it is in the best interest of the country when we act.”

He continued by saying that in his view, all the officers now in the office have successfully completed the rigorous interview process, been assessed, and been judged deserving of the positions offered.

Ruto said that the institutions created by the constitution are responsible for getting Kenya to this point and they have access to enough data to help administer the nation.

He added that the information from the institutions should be solid, verified, analysis and proper as the same information is used by policy makers and decision makers in the government to develop the nation.

“As we are aware the best decisions are made if you are armed with the best information and therefore, we will be looking forward to using your information together with the other sectors of the government to make the best possible information to our policy makers and decision makers in government and all other intervention,” he added.