Seychelles to Create Law to Domesticate 3 Codes Under JMA With Mauritius

Seychelles is seeking to establish a law that will domesticate three codes set up under the Joint Management Area, which the island nation shares equal jurisdiction with Mauritius, said a top government official.

The statement was made by the Minister for Fisheries and the Blue Economy, Jean Francois Ferrari, on Tuesday, during his presentation on the Joint Management Area.

The JMA is the mechanism of joint jurisdiction between Seychelles and Mauritius over an area of the seabed and its underlying subsoil in the Mascarene Plateau Region. It excludes the water and living organisms above the shelf.

Two treaties were signed in 2012 and the two island nations secured rights to additional seabed covering around 400,000 square kilometres in the Indian Ocean.

The first treaty proclaims the extended continental shelf outer limits in order to provide for its recognition under the respective national laws and the second treaty provides an overarching framework for the establishment of a joint management of the extended continental shelf, which is to be proclaimed under the first treaty.

Ferrari said that under the JMA, Seychelles and Mauritius have established three legal codes – marine research, joint fiscal and taxation, and environmental codes of practice.

“There is now a necessity to domesticate the three legal codes and integrate them with the two international treaties. This will create one legal document that will address all concerns relating to the JMA,” he explained.