Uganda: NRM’s Mary Akol Wins Bukedea Lc5 By-Election

National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Mary Akol has been declared the winner of Bukedea District LC5 chairperson by-election.

Akol, will replace chairperson, Moses Olemukan, who died in December last year.

The returning officer, Bukedea District, Mugyenyi Joel Mugerwa declared Akol the winner with 79,692 votes against her closest rival Lokwiisk Tychicus Ebukalin of Independent who garnered 4,941 votes.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate Sam Oita Odeke came third with 2343 votes.

“Accordingly, as returning officer for Bukedea electoral district, I declare Mary Akol, who has obtained the largest number of votes, winner for Bukedea electoral district,” Mugerwa declared on Wednesday night.

However, there are allegations that the election was marred by malpractices.

Lokwiisk Tychicus Ebukalin an independent candidate affiliated to NRM expressed dissatisfaction with the electoral process, saying there was ballot stuffing, intimidation and beating of voters.

“I have never seen a roadblock in a village. Each corner had a roadblock. I woke up and found police patrols all over the village. Agents were arrested, vote stuffing, beating and thumping of people, and people chest-thumping and say ‘we have come to secure the vote of NRM,”

He added, “This was not securing the vote of NRM. This was selfish individuals within the NRM party doing and working selfishly to ensure they destroy the party vote. The supporters of NRM are so disappointed.”