Somalia: Mogadishu Mayor Pays Rare Visit to Serbia for Key Talks

Belgrade — Yusuf Madale, the mayor of Mogadishu arrived in BELGRADE for first visit to Serbia, where Somalia has a diplomatic mission.

Upon arrival, Madale along with the country’s ambassador held a meeting on Thursday with his counterpart, the Mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić.

According to a statement from Benadir regional administration, the two mayors discussed the twinning of Mogadishu and Belgrade.

The strengthening of the historic and traditional relationship between the two capitals, the development of a drainage system in Mogadishu and the management of urban traffic were among the agenda.

Mayor Šapić stated that the relationship between the two capitals is very strong. He recalled how leaders from Mogadishu and Belgrade have worked together in the past.

Since the reopening of the Federal Republic’s Embassy in Belgrade, relations between Somalia and Serbia have improved.

The relationship between the two countries is based on cooperation, respect, and mutual interest.

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