Somalia: Puntland President Opens 52nd Session of Parliament Amid Tension

Garowe — The President of Puntland Said Abdullahi has on Thursday opened the 52nd session of the state assembly in Garowe amid brewing electoral tension.

In his address, Deni said Puntland is ready to enter into separate negotiations with the federal government of Somalia to resolve the stalemate between the two sides.

“I appointed a committee to enter the negotiations with the government of Somalia, in order to reach an agreement on the political conflict,” added Deni.

On the other hand, President Deni said that Puntland is never ready to participate in the meetings of the national consultation council [NCC].

Speaking on recent NCC deal, he termed the decisions as illegal that do not serve the interests of the nation. “Their decisions can threaten the unity of Somalia,” he stated.

President Deni said the FGS failed to implement the political agreements that have already entered during the past national talks due to the lack of commitment of Villa Somalia.

Early this year, Puntland declared it will govern itself as an independent state until the Somali constitution is completed and ratified with a public referendum.

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