Kenya Offers Djibouti Students 300 University Slots at Non-Foreign Rates

Nairobi — President William Ruto on Sunday said Kenya will unveil 300 slots in its universities for Djibouti students at fees applicable to Kenyan students.

“I have informed the President that Kenya is extending an offer of 300 positions in our higher learning institutions to Djiboutian students, at the same fees applicable to Kenyan students,” he said in a joint press conference with his host Ismail Guelleh.

Ruto also agreed to the reciprocal recognition of certifications by higher education institutions of both nations.

“We have further agreed to expedite the negotiation of a framework that enables the reciprocal recognition of certificates issued by our respective institutions of higher learning.”

He added that Kenya will provide the required support to help integrate English into Djibouti’s curriculum.

Ruto noted the inclusion of French-speaking trainees from Djibouti will aid the Kenya Technical and Vocational Education Training institutions in improving the language skills of Kenyan graduates seeking employment overseas.

“Additionally, we engaged in discussions regarding support for English language training and its integration into Djibouti’s curricula. Kenya is fully prepared to provide support and necessary teachers to assist in this endeavor,” he added.

“Conversely, to enhance the language proficiency of Kenyan graduates who seek employment abroad, Kenyan Technical and Vocational Education Training institutions, as well as medical training colleges, will benefit from the inclusion of French language trainees from Djibouti.”