Uganda: Kampala Court Orders Admin to Reinstate Member Ejected From Whats App Group

The Chief Magistrates Court in Makindye, Kampala has issued orders to the administrator of a Whats App group to reinstate a member who had previously been ejected from the group.

“It is hereby ordered that the applicant be ordered back to the Buyanja My Roots Whats App groups. A permanent injunction is also issued restraining the respondent , his agents or his assignees from further infringing on the applicant’s right of association,” grade one magistrate Igga Adiru directed on Monday.

The directive followed an application by one Herbert Baitwababo following who ran to the court challenging his ejection from the Whats App group by its administrator, Allan Asinguza.

Baitwababo told court that the Whats App group for their Buyanja sub-county in Rukungiri district was formed to contribute charity works, offer condolences and support to people in the area and that each member was required to pay shs30,000 as membership fee.

He said in his affidavit that problem came when he asked Asinguza about the instrument that allowed them to manage the group’s affairs as well as an audit report and accountability for funds collected.

The administrator consequently removed Baitwababo from the Whats App group on May ,17 , 2023, prompting him to run to court for redress.

In its Monday ruling, the Chief Magsitrates Court in Makindye also stopped any other administrator of the Buyanja My Roots Whats App group from ever ejecting Baitwababo since this infringes on his right and freedom of association.

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