Seychelles: Digitisation of Seychelles’ Public Health System Nearly Complete

Seychelles’ public health system is well on its way to digitising its services and the project has now entered it’s second phase, said a top health official.

The chief executive of the Health Care Agency (HSA), Danny Louange, said that the original plan was to set up the health information system but “we are looking at something broader than just a health information system, but we want it to be a health management information system.”

The software of the electronic health system is being funded through a line of credit from the Indian government for around $4 million.

In December 2019, the Agency signed a contract with India-based software solution provider Manorama Infosolutions to begin the project.

Louange said that this was followed by a project planning and meeting in July 2020 where the health authorities set about the customisation of the software and its testing.

In March 2021, the reception areas in all government hospitals and clinics got on the system and the health authorities looked at the different issues that may arise.

This was followed in October last year for the electronic medical records (EMR) of the different clinics where the doctors entered the information in the electronic system.

Louange told SNA that the Agency “is looking at making sure that all the doctors are using the electronic medical records. This is a transition, while there are still some doctors using handwritten notes, all doctors have the capacity of EMR.”

He added that “since it requires training for them to get used to it, PHS is going from one health centre to the other to specifically train them.”

Louange explained that “access to the information is limited depending on the various roles in the health authority” for confidentiality purposes.

“While a doctor may access all medical files, in the systems, for the dentists it will be dental medical records and nurses will be limited to the nursing component,” he outlined the process.

The health authorities are now focusing on the outpatient component and in the coming weeks, the next phase will be on blood results going online.

Louange told SNA that this will link the labs with the medical records and will allow a doctor to view medical results online wherever they are.