Tanzania: Dcea Impounds 200 Grammes of Illicit Drugs in Three Months

THE Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) has impounded a total of 200.5 grammes of heroin and other illicit drugs in the past three months.

This was a result of a special operation conducted in various regions during which it arrested 109 suspects, including three foreigners.

DCEA Commissioner General Arestas Lyimo told journalists yesterday in Dar es Salaam that they arrested 978 bags of Marijuana, methamphetamine (531.5grammes) heroin (3,878 pellets) and cocaine (138 pellets).

He said the other drugs included 3,840 milliliters of Pethidine, saying the authority also managed to destroy 1,093 acres of marijuana farms in collaboration with the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB).

“The operation was conducted between March 25th, 2023 and June 19, whereby some of the suspects will be taken to court when all legal processes have been finalised,” he said.

He said the agency has found out that drug dealers are using new ways of conducting the business, such as entering into a relationship with women and use them in distributing drugs.

“DCEA is committed to combat the business, therefore I caution Tanzanian women who collude with foreigners in illegal drugs business,” he said.

The agency also warned people to be careful with luggages they are given to carry without knowing their contents, saying foreigners are using Tanzanian women to distribute drugs in various places.

‘The anti-drugs Act, chapter 15 stipulates that it is illegal to transport or being found in possession of drugs in which anyone found will face a 30 years’ imprisonment,” he said.