Tanzania: What Tanzania Gesture On Sudanese Medical Students Implies

SOME diplomatic experts have described a decision by the government to receive Sudanese medical students to conduct practical training in the country as a ‘fresh impetus’ to Tanzania’s diplomatic relations with other countries.

Speaking in exclusive interview with the ‘Daily News’ on Tuesday a diplomatic expert, Mr Kitojo Wetengere said that reception of Sudanese students indicates that Tanzania has good diplomatic relations with other countries in Africa and the world at large.

Mr Wetengere said it also indicates that Tanzania is trusted in providing the best and quality medical education among African countries.

“150 medical students brought by Sudan into our country means that Tanzania has a good relationship with other countries and is also trusted in provision of quality medical education among African countries,” he said.

He added that the country has also promoted education diplomacy and medical tourism as the arrival of Sudanese students contributes to promoting Tanzania to the world in various sectors, including education, medical and tourism sectors.

The diplomat further noted that Tanzania needs to make more improvements in medical education and provide the best doctors, so that it continues to be trusted by other countries in the world.

For his side, the Centre for Foreign Relations Public Relations Officer and Lecturer, Mr Innocent Shoo, said that a decision of Tanzanian government to receive medical students due to ongoing civil war in Sudan shows that the country based the decision on the new foreign policy principles, which stand for African unity and defence for democracy, human rights, equality and justice.