Tanzania: Govt Vows to Bolster Laboratory Measurements

THE government has vowed to continue investing in scientific research and extending its support to laboratory technicians in the country to enable them to come up with solutions to various challenges.

This will focus on increasing the efficiency in the metrological part to enable local laboratories to become capable of making accurate measures that will be reliable in terms of quality both locally and around the globe.

The Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade, Permanent Secretary, Dr Hashil Abdallah, made the statement recently at a Metrology Conference that was organised by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).

“As part of recognising the importance of metrology in the country, we will continue to support scientists to enable them to conduct research and be able to come up with solutions and also enable laboratory technicians to conduct measurements for better results,” he said.

Furthermore, Dr Abdallah commended metrology workers for their commitment to the measurement sector by providing quality and standard measures which are reliable both locally and internationally.

He also challenged the East African Community (EAC) members who attended the event to consider the importance of having quality measurements in improving health conditions, since it plays a big role.

“You should understand that metrics are not just about putting numbers on the report books but they play a bigger role in various health issues including making medical decisions, treatment plans, which leads to people’s wellbeing,” he said.

TBS Director General, Dr Athuman Ngenya, said purpose of the conference themed ‘Metrology in Health’ was to acknowledge the importance of metrology in daily basics, including the health sector that is more important to human life.

TBS decided to focus on the health metrology sector due to its importance and of various challenges, including wrong decisions that mostly resulted in wrong results.

“Sometimes medical tests have challenges, including getting invalid results where sometimes the problem is in the test, that is why we have decided to start there,” said Mr Ngenya, when responding to a question concerning medical test challenges.

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