Kenya: President Ruto’s Hair-Raising Experience Inside a Rally Car

Nairobi — President William Ruto admits that his stomach almost gave way while riding inside a rally car during Wednesday’s shakedown in Naivasha ahead of the WRC Safari Rally over the weekend.

The President was taken on a high-speed drive by Frenchman Pierre-Louis Loubet in his M-Sport Ford, an experience he said left him with mixed feelings.

“First, I think I did the wrong thing. I got into the rally car and my stomach almost gave way but it was a wonderful experience. This thing is crazy…it is absolute madness but it is something you cannot forget. You can hardly see the road…you can hardly see the bend and these guys are really professional. It is out of this world and a life-changing adventure,” President Ruto said.

He saluted all the rally drivers participating in the Safari Rally as heroes and champions who have mastered the art of their craft.

“It speaks to training…people who are professional at what they do. I want to say that the men who do this are real champions and they deserve all the respect that they get. They deserve our commendation and it is really something out of this world. It was my first time in a rally car…my first time doing this and I will assemble myself and maybe do this again another time,” the President said.

President Ruto further called on Kenyans to turn up in Naivasha in their numbers to cheer on the drivers in addition to benefiting from the financial windfall expected from the global showpiece.

“I have just seen people carrying flags from Uganda. I urge many Kenyans to come here with their Kenyan flags as well. I am yet to see a Kenyan flag around here and I’m telling my fellow countrymen and women this is the moment to be patriotic,” the President said.