Rwanda: Pastor Theogene Niyonshuti Eulogised as a ‘Man of Value’

Tributes are continuing to pour in for deceased ADEPR preacher, Theogene Niyonshuti.

Niyonshuti died in a car accident on Thursday, June 22 in Uganda, reportedly while attending a gathering of clergy.

Reacting to the news of his passing, various people shared messages of condolence via social media.

Among them is the Minister of Youth, Abdallah Utumatwishima, who described him as a man who “preached in a unique way.”

“He would read scriptures in a way that was easy even for the young ones to understand. May God strengthen his family, his fellow congregants, the youth and all people whose messages reached out to,” he tweeted.

Pastor Isaie Ndayizeye, the head of the ADEPR church in Rwanda, said Niyonshuti’s passing presents a hard time to the church, because he was a valuable minister.

“He was a preacher who was valuable in various ways in our country. His story would showcase that God changes people’s past,” he said.

Prior to his shift in lifestyle to a church-centred life, Niyonshuti had reported living on the streets. Through his preaching, he encouraged individuals to abstain from drugs and alcohol consumption.

He was a pastor at ADEPR Muhima church.

Merard Mpabwanamaguru, the Vice Mayor of Kigali for Urbanisation and Infrastructure, expressed his sorrow regarding the passing of Niyonshuti. “My heart is hurt. My brother, may God receive you,” he tweeted.

Niyonshuti whose preaching style was characterised by its abundance of jokes and its use of ‘street language’, gained popularity on various social media platforms, particularly YouTube.

He is survived by his wife and four children, as well as a dozen foster children that his family had taken in.

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