Kenya: President Ruto Vows to Defend Independence of the Media

Nairobi — President William Ruto has weighed in on the ongoing debate over the remarks by Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria directed at the media.

The remarks disparaging the Nation Media Group following the expose’ over the edible oil scandal has sparked mixed reactions, with media organizations and rights groups expressing concern over the potential threats to press freedom.

Speaking Wednesday in Naivasha, President Ruto said that in as much as the rights of the media needs to be protected, the rights of those who call out the media should equally be safeguarded.

Speaking in Naivasha on Wednesday, President Ruto emphasized the importance of protecting both the rights of the media and the rights of those who criticize the media.

While acknowledging the need to safeguard media freedoms, he highlighted the equal significance of allowing individuals to express their grievances, as long as they do not undermine the country.

“I think the last 2 days there has been a big debate about who say what, I don’t know Moses Kuria said something. We must always remember that this is our country, we must always remember to celebrate our country, and we must defend the right of anybody to say whatever it is that they want so long as we are not sabotaging Kenya,” he said.

He further affirmed that Moses Kuria, like anyone else, has the right to voice his concerns whenever he feels aggrieved by the media’s conduct.

The president called for the defense of those who hold the media accountable when it deviates from its responsibilities.