Eritrea: Diaspora Nationals Commemorated Martyrs Day

Asmara, 21 June 2023- Nationals in the UK, Uganda, Ethiopia, Angola, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Austria commemorated Eritrea’s Martyrs Day with patriotic zeal.

At the event organized in London, in which over 3 thousand nationals took part, the participants expressed their commitment to strengthen their contributions in support of the families of martyrs.

The commemorative event, organized by the Eritrean Embassy in Ethiopia and Eritrea’s Permanent Representative at the African Union and Economic Commission of Africa, was highlighted by a candlelight vigil and tree planting.

The nationals also contributed 708 thousand 696 Birr towards augmenting the National Martyrs Trust Fund.

At the commemoration even organized in Jeddah and its environs, certificates of recognition were handed over to nationals who assumed responsibility for supporting families of martyrs, and the participants of the vent contributed 4 thousand 300 Riyal towards augmenting the National Martyrs Trust Fund.

Expressing readiness to live up to the expectations of the martyrs, nationals in Abu Dhabi contributed 3 thousand 100 dirham, while nationals in Vienna, Austria, assumed responsibility for supporting 9 families of martyrs.

Eritrea’s Martyrs Day was also enthusiastically commemorated by nationals in Uganda and Angola.

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