Eritrea: Martyrs Day Commemorations –

Asmara, 21 June 2023- Eritrea’s Martyrs Day enthusiastically commemorated in the Southern, Northern Red Sea, Anseba and Gash Barka Regions, featuring candlelight vigils, cultural and artistic programs depicting the day, and laying w wreathsat the Martyrs Cemeteries.

According to the report, the commemoration event was carried out in all the sub-zones of the Southern Region, featuring the planting and cultivation of tree seedlings, and environmental sanitation activities.

As part of the commemoration event, 81 thousand Nakfa raised by Government employees were distributed to the families of martyrs.

In related news, at the commemoration event conducted at regional level in the port city of Massawa on 20 June, Ms. Asmerete Abraha, Governor of the region, Col. Melake Teklemeriam, Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Navy, Col. Idris Fagir, Commander of the Popular Forces of the Eastern Command, Mr. Ibrahim Ali Sheik, Chairman of the Regional Assembly; and Mr. Rezene Adonai, Secretary of the PFDJ in the region, laid a wreath at the Hitimlo Martyrs Cemetery.

The commemoration event in Keren, Anseba Region, was also conducted on 20 June featuring a candlelight vigil, laying wreaths at the Martyrs Cemetery, and planting tree seedlings.

In the same vein, Martyrs Day commemorations were conducted in the 16 sub-zones of the Gash Barka Region.

At the commemoration event in Barentu on 20 June, Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hirui, Governor of the Region, Brig. Gen. Tsgaye Mokennen, Chief of the Staff of the Western Command, Mr. Osman Mohammed-Ali, chairman of the Regional Assembly, Mr. Ali Jabra, secretary of the PFDJ in the region, and Ms. Yihdega Yohannes, head of the National Union of Eritrean Women in the region, laid a wreath at the Barentu Martyrs Cemetery.

Likewise, 201 thousand Nakfa contributed by Government employees in the sub-zones of Akordet, Shambuka and Mogolo were distributed to the families of martyrs.

Eritrea’s Martyrs Day was also enthusiastically commemorated in the Southern Region, featuring a candlelight vigil.

Ambassador Mohammed-Seid Mantai, Governor of the region, and Brig. Gen. Abraham Andom, Commander of the Eastern Command, laid wreaths at the Martyrs Cemetery.

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