Rwanda: Over 400,000 Candidates to Sit for National Exams

A total of 421,973 students across all levels are gearing up for the national exams set to take place from mid-July to early August.

According to the National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA), the upcoming exams will see 209,829 candidates sitting for primary leaving examinations, while 131,482 and 48,543 candidates will be taking O-level and A-Level exams, respectively.

In addition, there will be 28,141 candidates from Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs and 3,978 candidates from Teachers’ Training College (TTC).

In an interview with The New Times, Camille Kanamugire, Head of the Examination Department at NESA, expressed confidence in the preparations for the upcoming national exams, which are scheduled to begin on July 17 and conclude on August 4.

Kanamugire urged the candidates to concentrate and adequately revise, noting the breadth of the content and the limited time available. However, he reassured them that the exams would cover material they have already studied.

“No questions will be asked beyond the syllabus. They need to stay focused and aim for success,” he advised.

Kanamugire also highlighted that the national exams are an annual event that requires the active participation of various stakeholders to ensure smooth conduct and the candidates’ achievement.

“Teachers and parents are requested to support candidates by providing them with sufficient time for revision and the necessary study materials,” he added.

In related news, on June 19, the Ministry of Education launched the Competence-Based Integrated Assessment for practical national exams for level five candidates in Technical Secondary Schools (TSS) and TVET. This assessment will continue until June 30.

These assessments aim to evaluate candidates’ skills, knowledge, and attitudes to assess their proficiency in specific trades.

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