Seychelles Assesses Emergency Preparedness for Main Port and Airport

There is a need for command posts at the Victoria Port and Mahe International Airport to shift from an operational to a management mindset when dealing with emergencies, said an officer of Seychelles’ Disaster Risk Management Division (DRMD).

The chief risk management officer, Daniel Cetoupe, made the statement on Friday, after two days of emergency preparedness tabletop exercises at the port and airport.

Following the operationalisation of Seychelles’ National Integrated Emergency Management plan, DRMD has identified a series of plans that need to be relooked at. The priority is the port and the airport given the economic importance they have for the country as the two entry points.

Cetoupe told SNA that they are re-looking at their plans to make it a national one.

“The internal plans and procedures of these two places are okay, but the problem lies in how responders connect with their plans,” he said.

DRMD in collaboration with the World Bank, supported the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) and the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) with the review of the National Port and Airport Emergency Plan, which took place from June 20-23. The partners involved undertook two days of training and tabletop exercises.

The consultant from the World Bank in risk management, disaster, and alert system, Darmen Ellayah, shared that the plan needs to be a strong one as Seychelles is exposed to risks and has only one international airport and port.