Kenya: Prepare for Protests From July 7 – Odinga

Nairobi — Azimio leader Raila Odinga has vowed to mobilise street demonstrations from July 7 to protest the Finance Bill assented to by President William Ruto.

By signing the Bill, Raila said the president ignored pleas by Kenyans not to inflict more pain on the cost of living.

“Now you know that the only language Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza understands is street protests and boycotts,” he said at Kamukunji Wednesday on arrival from an overseas trip.

Odinga told a rally in Kamukunji that the Kenya Kwanza government had betrayed Kenyans hence the need to boycott.

“We are the people,” Odinga said, “and the people are supreme.”

He said the Bill signed by President Ruto will push the cost of living up and make life difficult for Kenyans.

“And that is why we are saying that Ruto must be made to listen to the people and the only way is to resist,” he said signaling the resumption of mass protests.

He said, “protests and boycotts is the only language Ruto will understand because he declined to listen to the voice of the people.”

President Ruto signed into law a bill that raises taxes on a wide range of items defying criticism that it will pile more economic hardship on citizens.

The new tax package was approved by parliament last week and will double tax on fuel to 16 percent and introduce a new housing levy, a move expected to have a ripple effect in a country hamstrung by high inflation.