Rwanda: Gasamagera Challenges RPF Legislators to Pass Quality Laws

The Secretary General of RPF Inkotanyi, Wellars Gasamagera, has urged members of parliament from the ruling party to always be diligent and ensure the laws they legislate conform to the country’s culture and values it embodies.

He was addressing members of the RPF parliamentary caucus which brings together all lawmakers that represent RPF Inkotanyi in the House, which took place on Wednesday, June 28 at the party headquarters in Rusororo, Gasabo District.

Gasamagera reminded the lawmakers of their cardinal roles; legislation of laws, representation of the people and carrying out government oversight, saying that all the three duties are important for the country to continue on its development trajectory.

“When it comes to legislation of laws; how much do you care about the quality of laws that you pass? Do they reflect the values of our country? Do we make the necessary follow up on the laws from when they are brought to parliament as bills to when they are promulgated and implemented?” He queried the legislators.

He also urged them to make sure that oversight activities do not stop in plenary sessions and told them to always do the necessary follow up in the standing committees and take appropriate measures to ensure the government delivers for the people.

Regarding representation, Gasamagera told the MPs that frequent consultation of the electorate is important, adding that members of the caucus should strive to know the challenges that constituents face and table them before the House for a solution to be found.

Besides the three key duties, the RPF Secretary General implored the caucus members to prioritise parliamentary diplomacy, saying that they should promote national interests in all international gatherings they attend.

“However, we must first of all assess ourselves and honestly ask ourselves if we know these national interests so that we can articulate them to those from elsewhere that we meet,” he said.

During the parliamentary elections that took place in 2018, RPF won 75 per cent of the vote which earned them 40 of the 53 seats that were competed for by political parties.

Legislative elections will take place next year along with the presidential polls.

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