Uganda Has the Capacity to Feed 200 Million People, Museveni Says

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has called upon the government and people of the Republic of Serbia to support Uganda’s flourishing agricultural sector.

President Museveni made the request yesterday while meeting a group of officials from the Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID) led by Odrek Rwabwogo at Nakasero State Lodge.

He revealed that Uganda produces almost any agricultural commodity anyone can name, from fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products, nuts and grains, and essential vegetable oils.

“I am delighted to introduce you to Ugandan organic, nutritious agricultural products. Our products are grown on smallholder farms with very much care about the preparation because that is what we eat and is also part of our heritage. Families do not just do this just for business, they do it because that is their heritage which has now become commercially relevant,” the President told the government and consumers in the market of the Republic of Serbia.

H.E Museveni further disclosed that the country’s private sector is slowly introducing extensive commercial farming to feed the region and the world.

“We are only 45 million people but with the ability to feed 200 million people and more given the fertile lands and the increasing technical know-how of our young people,” he emphasised, adding, “We are also in the large emerging market of East Africa and the greater African common market which is an area of 1.4 billion people now. In 10 years, the African market will be one of the largest in the world with the young people consuming more.”

President Museveni also thanked the President of Serbia His Excellency, Aleksandar Vucic for sending his Minister of Trade Hon. Tomislav Momirovic to Uganda to deliver a special message, inviting him to the Patriotic Republic of Serbia.

“I will be coming with a delegation of 60 companies and businesspeople who will bring you food and other products. We would like them to partner with your companies to invest more in the agriculture sector in Uganda,” he urged.

President Museveni was also happy to note that the Republic of Serbia had already expressed interest in Uganda’s pineapples, coffee, grains, flowers, dairy and banana products.

“We commit to offer you all incentives on land, taxes and access to the larger market of Africa,” he assured.