Uganda: Parliament Amends National Sports Bill, Introduces Archery, Kicks Out Kickboxing

Parliament has amended the National Sports Bill weeks after it was returned by President Museveni for reconsideration.

The Sports Bill, initially was passed in March. However, Museveni refused to assent the bill into law and referred it to the Committee on Education and Sports for improvement.

After making several reviews, the Committee on Education and Sports, on Tuesday, presented the report containing recommendations as proposed by President Museveni.

Consequently, Parliament unanimously adopted the committee report approving the amendments that included incorporation of several amendments.

Among the amendments is the adoption of Museveni’s proposal to add archery among the recognised sport disciplines.

Registered with National Council of Sports, under its body, Uganda Archery Federation (UAF), Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. The sport involves the use of a stringed bow to propel arrows towards a target.

In his letter, Museveni had proposed that archery, which is an olympic sport, be added since it is recognised by the National Council of Sports.

On the other side, the House adopted Museveni’s proposal to remove kickboxing from the list of recognised sport disciplines.

In his proposal, Museveni had said that kickboxing provided for under the schedule is no longer a recognised sport by the council, be deleted.