Uganda Is Safe Despite UK Terror Alert, Says Security

In light of an alert issued by the UK government of an impending terror attack in Uganda, security has said they are on top of the situation.

In an alert to its citizens last week, the UK government warned of attacks that “could be indiscriminate or against foreign nationals or places frequented by foreign nationals.”

Commenting about the alert, joint security spokesperson, Fred Enanga said the country is safe despite the numerous threats.

“We want to reassure Ugandans that the country has been generally peaceful for many years despite existing threats targeting soft targets,” Enanga said.

Previously, similar terror alerts have been issued by the UK and US government and in a number of cases, these have been followed by actual attacks.

For example, last month, there was a terror alert and this was followed by the attack on Rubhiriha Secondary School by suspected ADF rebels in Kasese.

Speaking on Monday, the joint security spokesperson said despite the terror alert and travel advisory, they remain committed to foiling any attacks on the country.

He however noted that the manner in which the alert was issued makes it difficult to know the exact target and identity of the said attacks.

“The way the advisory was released makes it difficult for security agencies to determine the specifics because it comes in form of general information and doesn’t mention the targets. We acknowledge the concern and use the general information shared to determine which protective measures to be put in place by the joint security agencies.”