Uganda: NRM Confident of Victory in Oyam North By-Election, As UPC Warns of Vote Rigging

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is confident of winning the upcoming Oyam constituency by-election, which is scheduled to take place on July 6.

The NRM has urged voters to elect their party flagbearer, Samuel Okello Engola, who is said to better understand the challenges faced by young people in the area.

Richard Todwong, the NRM Secretary-General, while addressing hundreds of boda boda riders from the constituency, stated that he has reached out to voters in villages, parishes, and sub-counties, and that his party is confident of clinching the parliamentary seat.

Todwong organised strategic meetings with special interest groups, including women leaders, the business community, opinion leaders, and boda boda riders, to deliver a direct message of economic empowerment.

“I have realized that the population of youth in Oyam North is big and of course very useful during this election to determine the winner. I urge you to elect Okello Engola, a youth like you. He identifies with you and understands your challenges better,” he said.

The Director of Communication, Emmanuel Dombo said the NRM party is headed for a big win if the categories they are wooing turn up to vote for their flagbearer. He said that the party will also amplify mobilisation in the remaining days to ensure that their message reaches every voter.

“We must talk to everybody. We must plead with the voters, explain where the government has failed, and also give hope where the government is planning programs because that is the purpose of leadership,” Dombo said.

The NRM party is expected to amplify mobilisation in the remaining days to ensure that their message reaches every voter.

The Oyam County North Parliamentary seat became vacant following the death of the former MP, Col. (Ret.) Charles Okello Engola on May 2, 2023, who was shot by his bodyguard.

The current by-election seeks to fill the vacant parliamentary seat.

However, while the NRM is confident of victory, the president of the Uganda People’s Congress, Jimmy Akena, has called for a free and fair election, adding that they will not accept the results in case of any rigging.

Akena, campaigning for the party flag bearer for Oyam North by-election, Dr. Eunice Otuko Apio, said that they will not accept any threats or attempts at vote rigging.

Akena and his supporters have vowed to ensure that all votes are counted, and to guard against incidents similar to what happened in the Bukedea LC5 by-election, where there were more votes than expected.