Uganda: Tourism Minister Says Digital Innovations Will Help Drive Number of Travelers to Uganda

The state minister for tourism, Martin Mugarra Bahinduka has said increased digital innovations in the tourism sector will help drive up the number of travelers to Uganda.

“The demand for the Ugandan destination is there. However, many people are not aware of what to visit here. Most of the people who come here don’t get into the actual tourism bit of it but rather come to do business, visit relatives and other activities without us fully benefiting from their stay here. However, digital innovations will help avail information to such types of travelers,” Mugarra said.

“These innovations will help in such a way that even if you are in Kampala, you will just go online and get to know which places to visit and spend time. This will be the same case with upcountry destinations that the world will get to know what they have to offer. This way, the number of travelers to Uganda will go up.”

The minister was on Tuesday speaking during the launch of the Tour Plug, an online platform that brings together tour operators and members of the public seeking information about trips about various destinations.

Mugarra said the advent of the Covid pandemic was a great lesson to the country about using digital platforms in all sectors of the economy.

He also encouraged the tour operators to go digital which he touted as helping them reach a bigger audience.

“We are now in a technology world and everything now is digital. There is no reason tour operators should walk around with flyers trying to market destination Uganda yet you can pay a small subscription fee and the benefits are enormous.”