Kenyans Urged to Embrace Local Tourism to Boost Revenue

Nairobi — The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is urging Kenyans to embrace domestic travel, explore new experiences, and contribute to the growth of the local tourism industry.

The call comes as the “You Deserve A Holiday” campaign has so far sold 108,963 bed nights, generating Sh1.1 billion since it was launched a year ago.

Speaking during the domestic activation drive held at Sigona Golf Club, KTB Chairperson Francis Gichaba emphasized the importance of domestic tourism in supporting local communities and economies.

He noted that while the campaign has already achieved significant milestones, there is still much potential to explore.

“We have seen communities and towns which have come up because of domestic tourism,” said Gichaba.

“This is indeed a transformative phenomenon and speaks of the potential for further growth. We are creating new destinations through the ‘You Deserve A Holiday’ campaign as we encourage Kenyans to explore their own backyard.”

Since its launch in June 2022, the “You Deserve A Holiday” campaign has successfully partnered with over 20 industry stakeholders, including tour operators, airlines, and hoteliers.

These collaborations have resulted in comprehensive travel packages designed to offer seamless experiences for domestic travellers.

The campaign aims to penetrate potential areas within the domestic market and sustain long-term demand for domestic travel through joint marketing initiatives, such as golf tour series, mall activations, corporate visits, church activations, and media promotions.