Rwanda: FERWAFA Website Hacked, Official Points to Suspected Sabotage

The Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) fell victim to a hacking incident that prompted the Federation to temporarily take down its website.

The breach was discovered on the morning of Monday, July 3.

According to an official statement released by FERWAFA, immediate action was taken upon detecting the intrusion into their website. The federation chose to remove the compromised site from the internet as a precautionary measure.

Kumenyesha— Rwanda FA (@FERWAFA) July 3, 2023

In an interview with the New Times, a FERWAFA official, who requested anonymity, confirmed the hack and labeled it an act of sabotage.

However, reassuringly, the official stated that no sensitive information was compromised during the breach.

The Federation, as noted, was working to investigate the incident, employing the expertise of appropriate authorities, determined to identify the hackers and take necessary steps to prevent future security breaches.

In regards to the recovery process, the FERWAFA official confirmed that all necessary steps to restore the website were completed successfully.

The FERWAFA website is an extensive database covering various aspects of the country’s football scene, including details on the first division, second division, national teams, and more.

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