Rwanda: Sacrifices Made Should Not Go to Waste, Kagame Tells Youth

President Paul Kagame has emphasized the significance of honoring the sacrifices made by those who liberated the country and urged the youth to continue building upon the progress achieved so far.

In a tweet made on July 4, as Rwanda celebrated the 29th Liberation Day, President Kagame highlighted the need for the younger generation to actively contribute to the nation’s development and ensure that the hard-fought gains are not squandered.

“As we celebrate Rwanda’s achievements in the last 29 years, we pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for every citizen of Rwanda to live a dignified life,” President Kagame remarked, acknowledging the sacrifices made by individuals who fought for the country’s liberation, with some paying the ultimate price.

Addressing the youth directly, Kagame emphasized the responsibility they bear in carrying forward the nation’s transformation; “To the young generation, it is your time to pick up from where the country has been brought and do your part to make sure that the fruits of the sacrifices of the previous generation are not wasted.”

He also emphasized that the journey towards transforming Rwanda into a prosperous and inclusive nation necessitates unwavering commitment and resilience.

“The journey to transforming Rwanda requires us to stay the course, stand up for who and what we are, and sustain the resilience we need to build the nation all Rwandans deserve.”

The President’s remarks underscored the importance of continuity and collective effort in securing a brighter future for the country. He encouraged the youth to be actively involved in shaping the country’s destiny and contributing to its growth and development.