Uganda: Museveni Urges Oyam to Vote for Leadership of Substance

NRM Chairman President Kaguta Museveni has urged the people of Oyam North to vote for the leadership of substance and not those who don’t have a calling.

While campaigning for the NRM candidate in Oyam North, the President hailed the late Col. Engola for his vision for the common person and urged the voters to vote for his son, Samuel Okello Engola.

The by-election scheduled to take place tomorrow Thursday.

He urged the people of Oyam North to vote for the National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) candidate, Samuel Okello Engola, in the upcoming by-election as he is the right successor to his father, Col. Charles Okello Engola, who passed away.

He assured voters that Engola, having witnessed the good deeds of his father, would not disappoint them and that it would be his own problem if he did not perform as expected.

“But if he disappoints us, it will be his problem, not our problem. For us, we have supported him and that is not the end of the world. We shall get other people in future,” he said.

Museveni praised the former Member of Parliament for having fought for peace and development and praised him for putting society before his own political ambitions.

“This boy Samuel who was near Engola may be like him. For now, it is illogical to leave this one who was near and vote for someone else. For me, I have no hesitation in recommending Samuel Engola to you and I would like to give him the (NRM) flag,”Museveni said.

Museveni expressed pity to the voters for having lost Charles Engola in such a bad way of murder yet he had worked so well for the country and his people hence the nickname ‘Macodwogo’.