Uganda: Police Dogs Catch 6800 Criminals

Police sniffer dogs have helped the law and law enforcement body arrest 6843 criminals in six months, a new report has indicated.

According to the police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, after implementing the deployment of Police dogs in all districts and regions over the past five months, the force has achieved remarkable success nationwide.

“During the period from January to May 2023, the Police recorded a total of 8,563 tracking cases, resulting in the arrest of 6,843 individuals,” Enanga said.

He said among those apprehended by the police dogs were 5,686 males, 717 females, 352 male juveniles, and 88 female juveniles.

“Additionally, we recovered 2,883 exhibits, and a total of 2,463 suspects were presented in court over the past five months.”

Enanga noted that the force also deployed narcotics and explosive detective dogs which were also used to respond to calls of abandoned items and suspicious objects at Entebbe International Airport.

To this, they received 67 calls for sweeping suspicious flights and 1,054 responses on suspicious cargo during the same period.

“At Aviation Police headquarters, we conducted 36 canine sweeps, while Nsambya Headquarters received 181 requests for assistance.”

Enanga hailed the dog trainers and handlers for the job well-done in helping fight criminality.

“We express our sincerest gratitude to our diligent force of dog handlers and the incredible Police dogs for their instrumental role in achieving this level of success in their respective areas of expertise. This team has demonstrated the invaluable role that Police dogs play in law enforcement, ranging from general-purpose Police dogs to specialized canines trained in cash detection, explosives detection, narcotics detection, and more.”

Police has a dog breeding centre in Naggalama, Mukono district.

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