Kenya Power Condemns Rising Cases of Staff Attacks on Network Surveillance

Nairobi — Kenya Power has condemned rising cases of staff attacks on routine surveillance of networks.

The latest incident was when its employees were attacked by Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbia while on a work mission in Kitengela on July 3, 2023.

The utility firm says that it lost millions of shillings due to overloading from illegal connections and vandalism.

Last year, for instance, it lost 214 units of transformers valued at an average of Sh800,000 per unit.

“While working to weed the network off these illegal and dangerous connections, we regrettably note an emerging trend of violent attacks against our staff,” Kenya Power announced in a statement.

KPLC added that the matter is now being handled by relevant government authorities and that it doesn’t condone violence against staff.

“In line with our mandate to provide reliable and quality electricity supply to our customers, the Company will intensify network surveillance and continue to work closely with the National Government Administration Officers and other security agencies to stamp out all illegal activities.”

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