Somalia: KDF Conducts Airstrike in Gedo

Garbahaarey, Somalia — Kenyan military carried out airstrikes targeting the area of El-Adde last night and on Thursday morning, causing casualties among the local civilians.

According to the sources, two civilians have lost their lives in the KDF airstrikes which come as Kenya tightened its border and delayed the reopening plan in response to attacks.

One of the dead people was named Sheikh Abdullahi and another young man, according to news sources who spoke to Radio Shabelle by phone.

There is no further detail about the events and the impact they had on the security situation in the Gedo region, especially the attacks by the Kenyanplanes and the civilian casualties caused by the security agencies when we spoke to the press.

It is not the first time that Kenyan planes have carried out deadly bombings in areas of Gedo region. It is evident that there have been several incidents of this kind in the past, which have caused the loss of lives of civilians and a lot of property damage.

Gado region is left with a political situation after the President of Jubbaland Ahmed Madobe appointed the new governor of the region, which created a conflict, as the committee appointed by Madobe for the region was refused to leave.

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