Kenya: Odinga Kicks Off 10 Million Signature Collection at Kamukunji Rally

Nairobi — Opposition leader Raila Odinga has kicked off the collection of 10 million signatures, saying Kenyans are tired after the Finance Bill was approved leading to the skyrocketing commodity prices.

Odinga said he s determined to ensure power gets back to the people through constitutional means.

“Power belongs to the people and that is what the Constitution says,” he told a Saba Saba rally in Kamukunji Friday, “We are starting to collect ten million signatures from today and by the end of next week we will have them.”

After his address in Kamukunji, Odinga asked his supporters to follow him for a march to Central park but they were teargassed soon after.

“We are going to march to Central Park,” he said, “we must get there.”

Chaotic scenes were witnessed in Kamukunji as police lobbed teargas and fired live ammunition in the air to disperse the crowd while trying to break Odinga’s convoy that was leading the way.

“The time time for talks is over and we must act now,” he said during the rally, “and we are going to act within the law, we will collect 10 million signatures to take the power back to the people.”

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