Uganda: Airtel Rolls Out HD Voice Calls

Telecom giants, Airtel Uganda have announced the introduction VoLTE Technology to deliver high-definition voice calls to set a new standard for mobile communication in the country.

Speaking on Friday, Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Manoj Murali said the introduction of high definition voice will strengthen call clarity, prevent miscommunication, and improves overall customer experience on 4G and 5G and other networks.

“We have introduced HD calls with Airtel VoLTE and if you have a 4G enabled phone, the calls will go through 4G network. Because of this you will have high definition voice calls with improved quality, you will not see any gap when you dial another person. It is a big innovation on the 4G network,” Manoj said.

He said that with VoLTE, Airtel customers will on top of having high-definition voice calls provide the ability to ability to talk and browse the internet simultaneously without interruptions.

“Previously, while browsing internet and a voice call comes in , the internet was disrupted. This will no longer be the case. You will continue browsing internet even if you receive a voice call.”

The Airtel Uganda Managing Director said currently, Iphone users currently automatically access VoLTE but noted other device users need to change their settings.

He explained that users simply need to navigate to their device settings and switch on the VoLTE feature adding that the telecom company is working with other handset manufacturers to ensure compatibility in the near future.

“VoLTE is accessible in all parts of the country since we have 4G network across the country. It only needs one to be with a 4G enabled devices.

The development comes at a time when regulator, Uganda Communication Commission gave permission to Airtel to start rolling out 5G network in the country.

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