Uganda: Loss of Life, Loss to the Economy – the Tragic Case of Uganda’s Entrepreneur Mr. Aponye

Some of us have severally written about our state of roads in the country. We have continued to wonder why in this 21st Century of things, Uganda leaders still don’t see the benefit of having wider roads that include dualling most of our upcountry highways?

It is just sad that we continue to have these small snake like highways with no access or escape roads. With such roads, when a vehicle gets mechanical faults, the driver simply bails out and abandons the faulty vehicle right on the side and sometimes in the middle of the road to the peril of other road users.

It is just unimaginable the number of lives that have been and continues to be lost in such tragic accidents like the one that has claimed Uganda’s businessman Aponye.

Is it not annoying to say the least that the main trade artery of Uganda, the Busia – Jinja – Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara and the Kampala – Gulu routes are highways of single lane and and single carriageway. The Madhvanis working jointly with the Milton Obote government in the 1968 with foresight, saw the need for a dual carriage and constructed the portion of Kyabazinga way along the Jinja – Iganga highway which starts at the Round about of Gadaffi Barracks all the way to Kakira Sugar Factory turn off a distance of about 8kms.

By doing this, they were trying to set a benchmark for other roads in the country. However, for years, construction and reconstruction of highways have taken place in this country with no regard to the need for expansion and dualling of the highways yet colossal amounts of money are spent in these roads only for these roads to end up being the death traps for our people.

There is no price that can be placed on any human loss, but it is so unfortunate that the country continue to lose such enterprising people like the late Apollo “Aponye” Nyegamehe.

The tragic loss of the human life is terrible to his family and business associates but the consequent loss to the economy is going to be enormous.

It is being reported that the late Aponye had and was a very enterprising person who was operating many businesses that were offering employment to many Ugandans. So his demise is definitely going to affect many families and reverberate in many aspects of the country’s economy particularly at this point in time when businesses are struggling.

We can predict exactly what our friends charged with the affairs of roads in the country will tell us in regards to the non dualling of our highways. They will for certain give the excuse of lack of sufficient funds and land as reasons for continuing to build these death trap roads. What we might not be told however is the cost benefit analysis if ever done.