Tanzania: District Commissioner Issues Tough Warning Against Child Marriage

Kalambo — KALAMBO District Commissioner (DC), Mr Lazaro Komba yesterday issued a strong warning to parents or guardians who marry off their school-going age daughters, saying they risk facing prosecution and 30 years jail term.

The DC said police officers in the district have been ordered to arrest culprits for the offence.

He said that there were people who thought the matter was a mere joke, insisting that the government will spare no one over child marriage.

Mr Komba asked parents to say no to early marriages so that their children can concentrate on their education to fulfill their dreams in future.

He was speaking during a Ward Development Council (WDC) meeting and public rally held at Mbuza village in Kalambo District.

The DC went on to say that it was high time the law took its course to get rid of early marriages as well as dealing with early pregnancies.

“Communities should now change by shunning the common habit of negotiations between offenders and parents of the affected girls so that we can find the final and conclusive solution to the vice,” he directed.

Mr Komba said parents who will collude to have their school children married and those who will participate during issuance of dowry will be treated as parties to that offence, prosecuted at once and sent to jail immediately.

“If you know that you are a mother or father and then get your daughter married, you should prepare to spend 30 years in jail … this shall include witnesses of that marriage,” he added.