Uganda: Newly Graduated Ldus to Be Integrated Into the UPDF

The UPDF have said that the newly graduated LDUs are set to be intergrated into the army and will soon be performing similar work.

Last month, President Museveni passed out 9,690 LDUs at Kaweweta Recruit Training School and the group has started to be deployed into different army divisions across the country.

However, while receiving a group of LDUs deployed in the Karamoja subregion under the 5th Infantry Division, Brig Gen Keith Katungi, who is also the Division commander, revealed to them that they shall soon be intergrated in the UPDF.

He told them that training is a continuous process in the army and that the reason they were deployed under his division was to ensure the army’s sustainability.

In Karamoja sub region, armed cattle rustlers pose a security threat to the entire region and its neighbouring districts which is under the jurisdiction of the 5 Infantry Division.

“Apart from isolated incidents from the ADF and livestock theft in the Karamoja sub-region, Uganda is largely peaceful. But although the country is peaceful, Africa as a continent is not peaceful and that’s the reason UPDF has crossed borders to help other countries in the spirit of Pan-Africanism,” Brig. Gen Katungi noted.

He further implored them not to let the country go back to its dark past, saying that “they will be taken through two months of orientation training meant to reorganize and acclimatize them into this formation and to get ready to be deployed to do army work.”

He further reminded them to serve their country by protecting its people and their property.

“The primary role of soldiers is to serve the people of Uganda by protecting them and their property as part of our constitutional mandate.” he said.

In the recent past, LDUs have been accused of indiscipline while on duty, resulting in the loss of lives due to trigger-happy personnel.

The 5th Infantry Division commander told the LDUs that the oath of allegiance they took while being passed out at Kaweweta Training School if followed properly to the dot, would guide them throughout their military career.

This meeting was also attended by Brigade commanders, 5 Infantry Division staff officers, and Labwodong Training School staff.

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